Hunza Healthy Habits Tours

Apricots are dried and store for winter View of Altit Valley next to Karimabad

Travel with us and explore the legendary Shangri-La… meet the people who are rumored to live to be 120 year. They eat the food that creates their healthy lifestyle and spend a day with a Hunza family.

The people of Hunza are one of three cultural groups in the world believed to have discovered the Fountain of Youth. Their lifestyle has been studies and written about in health journals and documentaries. James Helton wrote the best -selling 1933 novel, lost Horizons, while living in Hunza, creating the dream of Shangri-La.

Two weeks in Pakistan give the traveler time to explore the bazaars of Rawalpindi, the awe-inspiring Karakoram Highway, as well as the mountain kingdom of Hunza. Supplementary trips can be arrange … up to the Khunjerab Pass, the 16,200 foot border with China; or camping at the base of Ultar Massif; the 26,200 foot giant that dominates Karimabad.